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  • Susan P. - Marc is a very pleasant and warm person to work with on selling a home particularly with our lack of experience. He had his hand extended out to us through the whole process offering experienced help at every turn. We relied on both his extensive experience and his obvious integrity to lead us through the sometimes difficult experience of selling a home that supported 4 generations of our family. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone selling or buying a home.
  • Sean D. - Marc is the ultimate professional! Seriously, if God created the perfect hard-working, honest, well-communicating Realtor, it's Marc.
  • Pete and Sara. - There is only one word for Marc: amazing!

    He helped us find a home in our perfect neighborhood faster than we expected. I can't imagine my wife and I were his only clients, but he made us feel that way from the moment we met and even after closing. To be honest, we kind of miss him already!

    Marc   writes up clean, iron-clad contracts and his attention to detail is spotless.

    He deserves 6 stars!

  • Debby S. -  Marc sold my house and helped me find another. Having owned eight homes, I have dealt with many realtors of all differing abilities, but until I worked with Marc I kept changing realtors looking for someone really good. Marc is exceptional. Not only is he a top selling agent, he is scrupulously honest, dependable, knowledgeable, and hard working. And on top of that he is a genuinely kind person. 
    I have had friends who also used his services and they too gave him great praise. I cannot recommend Marc highly enough.

  • J. Brodie  -  Marc is simply the best. He is an astute businessman and a skilled negotiator. He is also a warm and charming person - so kind and responsive that you soon feel he is a friend going the extra mile (or hundreds) to make sure your interests are served.  I cannot say enough good things about the experience of working with him.  I've bought and sold many houses with various realtors but I would not consider working with anyone else going forward.

  • Sylvia Pong  -  My husband and I have bought and sold a total of 4 properties in the past 5 years, no other realtor we had dealt with can compare with the services Marc provided. From the time he showed us the house, to negotiation, to inspection, until closing, Marc has gone above and beyond every step of the way! Marc helped us obtain a great price for our home, and we can't be happier! He is professional, thorough, responsive, proactive; it was a great experience having Marc on our side. Anyone looking to sell or buy a piece of property, I am sure you will not be disappointed in asking Marc to represent you. 

  • Dianne Moniz - Marc Magliocco is one of those realtors that will go the extra mile for you. From the beautiful portfolio he does of your home, to his open houses where he made many contacts. He keeps you informed every step of the way. Our transaction went very smoothly. We highly recommend Marc to anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

  • Elizabeth Mihalis  -  Marc's business and people skills are truly phenomenal. He recently sold our mother's 1954 home after she passed way, and even though it had been a year since his first walkthrough, he remembered everything about the house and its challenges. The phrase deferred maintenance was invented for my parents but Marc was on it. He told us exactly what needed to be done (and what could be left alone), and referred us to competent workers to bring about an astounding transformation in just a short time for a small investment that paid off handsomely. Marc's understanding of the market is spot-on and he walked us through every tiny detail of the process in a warm and caring way. Even though we live out of the area, we always felt that we were completely supported and informed. I cannot recommend him highly enough; he deserves at least 6 stars in each category. 

  • David Firpo  -   Marc Magliocco Helped me sell a home Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge, Patience. Marc helped to sell my Mom's home and it could not have gone smoother. He got the best possible price for her and was there every step of the way. You can do no better than having Marc as an agent. 

  • Jasper Ciraulo  -  Marc Magliocco Helped me sell a home Thanks to Marc we got the price we wanted. The property was difficult to price and Marc spend a lot of time working to sell my property. He is everything a Real Estate Agent should be. We are so happy to have met him.  

  • C. Heim   -  Marc and his agency were very thorough and organized. I live elsewhere. Marc arranged to have all signings completed at their agency here. I was saved a great deal of travel time. Our house sold quickly and for a very good price. We are grateful for his expertise.

  • Sylvia Pong  -  My husband and I have bought and sold a total of 4 properties in the past 5 years, no other realtor we had dealt with can compare with the services Marc provided. From the time he showed us the house, to negotiation, to inspection, until closing, Marc has gone above and beyond every step of the way! Marc helped us obtain a great price for our home, and we can't be happier! He is professional, thorough, responsive, proactive; it was a great experience having Marc on our side. Anyone looking to sell or buy a piece of property, I am sure you will not be disappointed in asking Marc to represent you. 

  • Jan Bardine  -  After a series of extremely negative realtor experiences related to selling my home, I was fortunate enough to meet and list my property with Marc. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! With ease and complete class and professionalism Marc was able to turn a completely horrible, difficult and anxiety producing situation into the best outcome ever imagined. He brilliantly handled every aspect of the selling process from beginning to end. He was so very supportive in his way of guiding me through my responsibilities and helped me to clearly understand what I needed to know to make crucial educated and informed decisions. He was 100% available to me at all times, was present and on time at every showing and meeting, he always went out of his way and above and beyond to accommodate all involved and worked extremely well with and is highly respected by other realtors. He has great negotiating skills and he is intelligent and knowledgeable in his understanding of the current real estate market as well as having an excellent understanding of the entire scope of finance and economics. I experienced him to be fair, honest, highly ethical and really down to earth and unpretentious. The really best part about Marc however is that after working with him it became very clear to me that he places his clients paramount. He has wonderful value sensibilities and integrity and generously puts himself second at all times. He truly, genuinely and sincerely cares about his clients satisfaction, happiness and success. If you are looking for a first-rate, quality realtor of the highest character, intellect and skills and who is a joy to work with, there is no one better than Marc Magliocco. I find him to be not only a superior professional in his field but also an exemplary human being. 

  • G. Rattazzi  -  Marc did a fantastic job for us, he ran a very efficient process that yielded multiple offers and closed the escrow in less than 30 days, he was always available to us and every recommendation he made was spot on, we could not be happier! 

  • Mary Burks  -  Marc Magliocco Helped me sell a home I was extremely happy with the professional service that Marc provided. His knowledge and direction allowed me to feel great confidence and trust in him. He has remarkable follow thru and stays in direct contact to confirm that I as the home owner, stayed on top of what I needed to take care of in order to have a positive and successful transaction. Marc also was readily accessible and accommodating with appointments. I would use Marc again on any future real estate transactions.  

  • The Crowell Family  -  Marc Magliocco helped me sell a home I have worked in the title industry for 37 years and done business with quite a few Realtors over those years. My family chose Marc from their past experience with him. He helped my sister sell her condo and buy her home some years ago. Marc's integrity was part of the reason my sister wanted him to represent us in the sale of our family home. Marc was upfront and honest about the whole entire process and presented all the information, each step of the way so we could make conscious decisions. He was very responsive throughout the whole process and was extremely knowledgable. He was stellar in his negotiations when it came time to accept an offer, and his expertise allowed us to accomplish what we wanted to. Once the offer was accepted, he still remained in contact with us and guided us as things came up. All three of us were extremely happy with the service we received from Marc and I was very impressed with his skills from start to finish. We would all highly recommend Marc for listing, or representing you in a purchase. You will not be disappointed!  

  • M. Akhavan  -  Marc has helped me with several transactions on both buying and selling sides. He is one of the most honest, diligent and knowledgeable real estate agents that I have ever met. His warm and caring personality is a pleasure to be around but most importantly I have complete trust that Marc would represent my best interest in any real estate sales. He gets a 10!  

  • A. Burgess  -  If you want to have the best possible experience selling your home, then Marc is the agent for you. If you want to feel confident that all details are handled for a clean transaction, again, Marc is the agent for you. Technically, he is detail-oriented, very knowledgeable and proactive. Plus, he anticipates any possible issues and takes steps to mitigate. Examples of this were: coordinating and scheduling a full set of inspections to disclose to potential buyers and also ensuring the proper precautions for a safe wire-transfer of funds during escrow. Personally, I found him to be very communicative, responsive, personable, authentic, understanding and trustworthy. He really cared about us finding new places to live before the house went on the market and was helpful all along the process. After working with Marc, why would I want to work with anyone else? It was a full-service, excellent experience from start to finish. He has a great energy and the results were simply fantastic...a clean offer, over asking price with a drama-free escrow. 

  • Zuleika Cabrera  -   Marc helped us find the house of our dreams. We needed a quiet place with a big backyard and we are proud of our new home. Marc took care of us with the highest degree of professionalism and respect. He is of great help and very responsive to our demands. He is always on time and always looking out for every detail, from finding the right place, advising, to paperwork and closing... it was a really simple process and painless, we strongly recommend him to all of our friends and family, Marc please keep doing what you are doing you are a true professional... excellent job.. we thank you .. sincerely Familia Cabrera

  • D. Ung  -   Marc was patient with us and made sure we were very clear about every step of the process and all the paperwork we were signing. He also helped us make the right decision on taking on avoiding any unnecessary risks and making sure that we made a purchase we were happy with. Eventually, Marc saved us $100K by making sure we did not overbid/over pay on a house. My wife and I would highly recommend working with Marc.

  • D. Harvey  -   I would highly recommend Marc and his team at Beacon Real Estate Group. They handled the process seamlessly and efficiently. I was traveling and unable to be present through much of it and they always acted in my best interests. We were able to handle most transactions remotely and closed in a very timely manner after only about 10 days on the market. Very satisfied.

  • Patty M.   -   Highly recommend Marc, he goes above & beyond to help you sell your home- 4 days on the market....sold!!! If you want truth, honesty & a quick efficient sale....Marc Magliocco is your guy! We are ever so grateful to Marc. Call him you will be glad you did.

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